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Bridge with Lisa Berkowitz - July 20, 2020

Bridge with Lisa Berkowitz - July 20, 2020

Michael Berkowitz
Level: Intermediate
Rating :

Michael Berkowitz with Lisa Berkowitz - Lisa is a World Champion bridge play and 17-Time National Champion. Michael was lucky enough to grow up surrounded by world-class bridge players. In this series, we'll play deals with them. We'll see all 4 hands, but they can only play their cards. This will finally give Michael a chance to feel smarter than his family, and also allow us to follow the thought processes of experts as Michael ensures that the explanations make sense for players of all levels.

Duration: 1HR 30M

  • These webinars are the fastest and easiest way to improve your game
  • Learn from two pros who can explain it in clear, understandable terms
  • Watch as many times and as often as you want
  • Learn pro tactics and strategies for bidding and play
  • Pre-dealt hands for them to analyze 

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